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CCH can assist you with stories, including interviews with CCH subject experts. Also, the 2012
CCH Whole Ball of Tax
is available in print. Please contact:
Leslie Bonacum
(847) 267-7153
Eric Scott
(847) 267-2179

Visit the CCH Whole Ball of Tax site often as new releases and other updates will be posted throughout the tax season.

CCH provides special CCH Tax Briefings on key topics at

2012 CCH Whole Ball of Tax

2012 CCH Whole Ball of Tax

Table of Contents

CCH Experts

1. CCH Tax Experts

2. About CCH, a Wolters Kluwer business

Tax News

3. What's New This Tax Season? CCH Reviews Changes You Need to Know

4. Taxpayers May Not Know They Owe Use Tax, But More States Looking to Collect

5. It’s Time to Do Your Taxes: Should You Go It Alone or Seek Professional Help?

6. Save Money at Tax Time and Beyond, By Going Green

7. Steer Clear of Tax Season Headaches By Avoiding Common Blunders

8. IRA Retirement Planning Changes with the Tax Code

9. EITC, Other Tax Breaks for Unemployed or Underemployed

10. Taxes Can Add Up, Based on Where You Retire

11. CCH Answers Questions About Tapping into Your 401(k)

12. High-income Taxpayers Have Issues

13. Tax Ramifications of Health Care Reform

14. Happily Ever After, Even When Doing Your Taxes

15. CCH Reviews Ever-changing Estate Tax Laws

16. AMT Patch Expires, But Look for a Comeback

17. Those Looking for Education Tax Breaks Still Benefit from Prior Extensions

18. Challenging State Income Tax Issues

19. Special Tax Support for U.S. Military Members

20. When it Comes to Tax Law, Its Complicated

34. Job Searching? CCH Outlines Five Ways You Can Lower Your Taxes If Unemployed

35. Really, I Can Deduct That? CCH Looks at Commonly Overlooked Tax Deductions

36. Take Credit Where Credit Is Due: CCH Identifies Credits to Lower Income Taxes

37. What Not to Do When Doing Your Taxes: CCH Looks at Common Tax Blunders

38. What If You Can’t Pay Your Taxes? CCH Examines Options Taxpayers Need to Know

39. CCH Provides Last-Minute Tips for Taxpayers Still Looking to File

40. Thinking of Tapping Your 401(k) for Funds? CCH Examines What You Need to Know First

Data, Stats & Graphs

21. 2011-2012 Tax Brackets

22. Education Tax Breaks Worth Studying

23. Federal Tax Laws Pile Up

24. Important Dates in U.S. Tax History

25. Average Itemized Deductions

26. Avoiding an Audit

27. Audit Data

28. Retirement By the Numbers

29. Historical Look at Capital Gains Rates

30. Historical Look at Income Tax Rates

31. Historical Look at Estate and Gift Tax Rates

CCH References

32. Helpful CCH Resources for Reporters

33. CCH Tax Guide for Journalists 2012



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