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Link to special CCH Tax Briefings on key topics from 2003:

CCH can assist you with stories, including interviews with CCH subject experts. Also, the CCH Whole Ball of Tax 2004 is available in print. Please contact:
Leslie Bonacum
(847) 267-7153
Neil Allen
(847) 267-2179


CCH Whole Ball of Tax 2004

Table of Contents

CCH Experts

1. CCH Tax Experts


Tax News

3. Funding Retirement Plans is Still Important, Despite Reductions in Capital Gains and Dividend Rates

4. For Now, the Fix Is In On the AMT

5. IRS, Congress, Courts Target Shelters and Scams

6. States Struggle to Increase Revenue, Not Tax Rates

7. Capital Gains Rates Shrink, Schedule D Expands

8. Kids Offer Benefits at Tax Time

9. For Many, Home Sale Exclusion is Biggest Tax Break

10. First-year Expensing and Varied Capital Gains Rates Likely to Confuse Even Tax-savvy Small Businesses

11. Military Service Brings Some Tax Breaks

12. Welcome to the World of Self Employment

13. Taking Time to Study Education Credits, Deductions, Exemptions Can Be Worth the Effort

14. CCH Outlines E-filing Options as More Taxpayers File Electronically

15. How to Pick a Tax Preparer Who is Right for You

16. Key Provisions of the Jobs and Growth Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2003

17. Amended Returns Offer Taxpayers a Second Chance

18. Finding the Silver Lining: There's Tax-free Income If You Know Where to Look

19. One-person 401(k) Plans Offer New Retirement Planning Option

Data, Stats & Graphs

20. Retirement by the Numbers for 2004

21. A Historical Look at Capital Gains Rates

22. CCH Historical Look at Estate and Gift Tax Rates

23. 2003-2004 Tax Brackets

24. Federal Tax Law Keeps Piling Up

25. Individual Audit Data

26. Average Itemized Deductions

27. Important Dates in U.S. Tax History

28. Avoiding an Audit

CCH References

29. Helpful CCH Booklets for Reporters and Consumers


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