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CCHKNOWLEDGEPOINT Releases New Shared Learning® Online Program: Substance Abuse Prevention

(RIVERWOODS, ILL., September 30, 2002) - Employee substance abuse is a costly problem facing companies of all sizes, and one of the most difficult ones for managers and supervisors to deal with, according to CCHKnowledgePoint, a provider of comprehensive human resource solutions that merge expert content with interactive technology. To help employers train key personnel to effectively implement drug-free workplace policies, CCHKnowledgePoint is introducing a new program in the series of Shared Learning® multimedia training products: Substance Abuse Prevention.

"The effects of substance abuse run through the entire organization - in terms of tardiness, sick days, turnover, insurance claims and the hidden costs of managerial time, co-worker friction and reputation in the public eye," says Tanya Rose, marketing manager for CCHKnowledgePoint.

"Substance Abuse Prevention focuses on confronting substance abuse on the front lines, where supervisors and managers interact with employees," Rose added.

Program Empowers Managers

Shared Learning: Substance Abuse Prevention empowers managers by showing them what to look for and what to do should they discover substance abuse and how they can effectively support their companies' substance abuse testing programs.

Using situations with which managers and supervisors can easily identify, managers learn the signs of substance abuse and how they can spot substance abusers, the importance of good records and proper job appraisals in documentation, the role of the EAP, how to confront employees and procedures for discharging employees for violations of drug-use policy.

They also learn about substance abuse testing for both public and private sector employees, including frequently asked questions about testing programs. Participants see how such programs can withstand legal challenges and what must be done to conform to state, as well as federal, laws. Legal issues under the ADA and FMLA are also addressed. Participants get specific guidance on keeping substance abuse testing legal, including notice requirements.

About the Shared Learning Series

Substance Abuse Prevention is the most recent addition to the Shared Learning training series. Shared Learning uses the power of interactive technology to blend expert commentary, real-life scenarios and interactive Q&A into an engaging learning experience. Shared Learning is a convenient and cost-effective way for companies to train managers and supervisors on their roles in managing disability leaves. Since lessons can be taken at the desktop, Shared Learning reduces classroom time and allows flexibility in the choice of training environment. Because lessons are self-paced, users can learn at their own speed.

In each Shared Learning series, an administration module supports participant tracking and recordkeeping. Shared Learning maintains a database with the progress of all users and generates documentation reports that capture information such as employee name, department and date of training completion.

Cost-Effective, Convenient, Customized Training

Shared Learning programs are easy to implement. They can be accessed over the Internet or installed on an organization's intranet. The intranet option allows employers to customize both the content and Web interface to personalize the message for employees. Training content can be tailored to match each organization's particular work environment and can also include a personal introductory message from the organization's leader to ensure that employees understand his or her commitment to the program.

On the Internet, Shared Learning can be accessed any time from any place a user has browser capabilities.

Other Shared Learning Programs

Other Shared Learning programs include the following:

  • Sexual Harassment Prevention
  • Workplace Violence Prevention
  • Email and Internet Use
  • Discrimination and Harassment Prevention
  • Termination
  • Discipline
  • Interviewing and Hiring
  • Managing Disability Leaves

Availability and Pricing

For more information or to order Shared Learning programs, please contact a CCHKnowledgePoint sales representative at 1-888-224-7377 or visit the CCHKnowledgePoint Shared Learning Web site at

About CCHKnowledgePoint

CCHKnowledgePoint represents a merging of the KnowledgePoint and CCH INCORPORATED human resource product lines, providing integrated solutions that meet HR professionals and frontline managers' essential needs. For more information about CCHKnowledgePoint products and services, please visit or call 1-800-339-0104.

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Editor's Note: Members of the media who would like complimentary review access to Shared Learning: Substance Abuse Prevention may contact Sheri Cardo at (800) 727-1133 ext. 1334 or, or Leslie Bonacum at (847) 267-7153 or


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