2012 CCH Whole Ball of Tax
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2012 CCH Whole Ball of Tax

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Helpful CCH Resources for Reporters

(RIVERWOODS, ILL., January 2012) – We’ve included some resources from CCH that you may find helpful.

  1. Top Federal Tax Issues for 2012
  2. Tax Calendar 2012
  3. Depreciation: Key Facts and Figures
  4. Individuals: Surviving Financial Downturns
  5. Understanding Worker Classification: Employee or Independent Contractor?
  6. Retirement Strategies
  7. 1040 Express Answers (2012)
  8. Tax Planning Strategies (2011-2012)

You can also find informative CCH Tax Briefings available online at CCHGroup.com/Legislation/Briefings or www.cch.com/WBOT2012, including:

Coming soon!

CCH's 2012 Tax Guide for Journalists will be available next month.